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Website Transition Complete :-)

6th August 2015

We've completed the transition of the site to our new host - hooray :-)


The layout, workings and content of the main website remains the same as it was before. Hopefully you shouldn't see any changes apart from an increase in reliability :-)


The transition of to our new host has been completed and is running normally again. If you did send us any correspondence to this address during the period between the 21st July 2015 and 6th August 2015 we will not have received it so please re-send it now.

The email address has been retired and we will not receive anything sent to it. Please send any emails to

Thanks for your patience while we completed this work :-D

Possible Service Interruptions this weekend

21st Jul 2015

We're changing the company we use to host our main website this weekend. There may be some interruptions in access to the website during this period, and emails to may not get through. If you need to contact us urgently during this period feel free to give us a ring on 07789 770503, or drop us a post on our Facebook page.

We're still here and we love to here from you :-)

A New and Improved Way to Add Prints to Your Cart

5th Dec 2014

We updated the way you add pictures to your cart. 

We’ve completely revamped the first half of the shopping process, when you’re adding photos into your cart.

Here’s what’s new:

● You’ll see a larger, prettier preview of your photo on the left. You’ll know for sure which pic you’re viewing.

● There’s now an easier-to-follow item selection pane on the right. All the same products and options are there, and it’s much easier to drill down to what you want.

● You’ll now adjust cropping in that same window as soon as you choose your print size. With borders and boundaries bigger and easier to see, there’s less chance something vital will get cropped out in your print.

● All of this automagically scales to fit smaller screen sizes, making shopping on-the-go as easy as just a few taps.

● It makes it much easier to find the Digital Downloads, which includes the Facebook images. This occasionally stumped new users as the old system required you to click on a tab.

As always if you have any Feedback about this change do get in touch :-)

Want to know how to use the new shopping cart?   Click here

Our New Shopping Cart


Draghunt Pictures

We've reloaded all the Draghunt pictures from the previous seasons into the Draghunt Galleries on the new site.

The Stats: Over the last 10 seasons we've attended 212 meets, taken 81,851 pictures and loaded 54,426 of them onto the website.

For anyone interested, the other 27,425 are one of the following - a) duplicates, b) embarrassing (either for us or the rider concerned), c) pictures of the ground taken while running to try reach a jump in time, d) boring, or e) too light/dark/grainy/fuzzy (delete as appropriate) - Andie says my standards are too high :-)

Order from your mobile

You can now place orders from your mobile phone as well as from tablets and desktops.

Pay by PayPal

We now accepted PayPal as a payment method :-)

New Site ... again :-)

6th August 2013
It's summer time again, so it's time to re-vamp the website. You'll notice it's a fairly major change this time. Not only are we changing the front-end that you see, but we're also changing the back-end ordering system. Previously we'd been printing the standard prints in-house and sending the larger items to Loxley Colour for processing.From now on all orders will be fulfilled directly by our partner lab, Loxley Colour.  
What does this mean for you, our customers? 
- Orders will be fulfilled faster, and there'll be a much greater range of products and finishes available.
- Full-sized JPEGs will be available for immediate download as soon as you've paid for them.
- You'll be able to re-crop your pictures before they're printed if you want to. 
- Postage costs will go up slightly (we apologise for this but it's unavoidable). 
Of course we still stand behind the quality of our products, so if there's any problems with your order it will be sorted out to your satisfaction or your money will be refunded. 
If you have any comments or concerns about this change, do get in touch. We love to hear from our customers :-)


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