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Our current price list as of Dec 2014.

Downloads (JPEGs)



Web Sized resolution (640x480 approx), suitable for posting on Facebook, blogs, emails etc... Not suitable for printing.



High resolution file, 4 Megapixel in size (2400x1600 approx) suitable for printing*.



The resolution of the original image is variable depending on the camera that was used to take the image and the amount of cropping applied. Generally it’ll be between 6MP and 18MP.

Small Orders

Note: If the value of your order is small you may be charged an additional 30p for processing. Unfortunately this is imposed by the company who handles the payment processing and is not something we have any control over. It normally only happens on orders for Facebook images.

Standard Prints

6”x4” Glossy/Lustre = £4.50

6”x4” Metallic = £5.25

7”x5” Glossy/Lustre = £6.00

7”x5” Metallic = £7.00

9”x6” Glossy/Lustre = £7.00 

9”x6” Metallic = £8.00 

10”x8” Glossy/Lustre = £8.00

10”x8” Metallic = £9.00 

Prints are supplied unmounted.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping begins at £2.39 per order. Does not apply to orders that only have JPEGs in them.

Our Pricing Strategy

You may have noticed that our prices are cheaper that most. We price our products to reflect what we need to make to keep the business running, we don’t price it for what we think the market will bear.

Our Facebook/Web Size image pricing actually started as an experiment 4 years ago. We believe most photographers price their Facebook images on the basis that you will buy only one image from them and if you buy a Facebook image from them, you will not buy a print. Hence they need to make the full profit on that single sale. We figured that most people want to tell a story when they post to Facebook. Stories are always better with more pictures. So we thought, given the opportunity, most people would buy more than one image. It turns out we were right. Most people buy multiple images from us. We also get a significant number of people buying the Facebook image and the print. We make the profit we need by selling in bulk, and our customers get multiple pictures to tell their story.

We both win :-)


*How large can I print the Hi-Res image?

The classical answer to this is roughly 7”x5”. The reason for this is photographs are normally printed at 300dpi (dots per inch) to get a sharp image. If you print the image larger it’ll eventually start to look soft and fuzzy. However if we’re printing photographs in-house we’ve always been able to print it at a much larger size than this because we use a very sophisticated program that up-samples or up-reses the image prior sending it to the printer. Effectively it makes the image larger without making it fuzzy. The bad news is this program is very expensive, the good news is you don’t need it. If you use an online service to print your image they will almost certain do exactly the same thing to it prior to printing. Bizarrely it’s the rise of the mobile phone that’s lead to this. Cameras in mobile phones are, or were, quite low resolution, for example the iPhone4 camera is 5MP. To enable the online services to print pictures from mobile phones properly, they’ve invested in the same sort of technology that we use to allow them to up-res the images prior to printing with the same great results.

But what if your printing at home? Modern printers and printer drivers are pretty sophisticated - I’d expect you to be able print at home up to 10”x8” without too much problem.

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