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Our Pricing Strategy

So why don't others do this?

I can immediately think of three things.

1. You need to be at an event where there are a lot of customers. You're going for bulk sales so you need the customer base available to support it.

2. You need to be able to take multiple pictures of the people involved OR you need even more customers than in point 1 to make it work.

3. You need a lot of courage.

When people ask why event photographers charge so much for pictures and why they don't drop their prices to sell more, they don't think that photographers are having to support themselves and their families. At the moment their pricing models probably works, if it didn't they'd be out of business. Your asking them to discard something that works, in the hopes that a new model will give the same results. Why would they do this - risk their livelihood and families, just to give you cheaper pictures?

There's also the problem of copyright theft - they see a lot of your pictures being stolen so they have to make up the cost somewhere, by charging more for the pictures that people do buy. Like a lot of these things copyright theft is not a victimless crime :( In this case the victims are the photographer and their paying customers.

Eventually though, I think photographers will have to bring their prices down for the online pictures. Photography is an incredibly competitive business, and as new people come into the business with prices more aligned to their customer's perception of what it's worth, the others will have to follow or shut up shop because people will become less and less inclined to pay high prices.

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