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About Us

DigitalPicy is a small, professional, photography company providing a range of services.

Our History

Jamie started doing photography in 1986 when a friend persuaded him to buy a Pentax ME Super. He shot an awful lot of film over the years, but always found it limiting because of the difficulties of post-processing and printing film (not to mention the cost). He got his first digital camera in 1998, a Kodak 1.2M pixel DCS120. He rapidly found he was using the digital camera in preference to his SLR, even in situations where the SLR (by then a Canon EOS100) would have been better because of the sheer convenience of digital pictures. In 2001 he took the plunge and bought a digital SLR, a Canon D30 but kept the EOS100 film body just in case it didn't work out. He never used the film body again, the D30 was that good! When the 10D came out he traded the D30 and EOS100 bodies for it. A succession of EOS digital SLRs have followed.

We're now totally committed to digital photography, and use a variety of professional Canon cameras and lenses.

 We've covered a lot of events and locations over the years, including equestrian, rowing, dog agility, museums, landscape, historical venues and provided photographic spreads to a number of catalogues and magazines, including such publications as Your Horse and Horse & Hound. We've done the photography for books such as Hazel Reed's highly successful Riding & Stable Management Series of books, Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three. 

Most photographer's specialise in a particular area. We favour sports/event photography, especially equestrian and dog agility events.

Our People

The main person in DigitalPicy is Jamie, our photographer and general IT whizz. You may also talk to Andie who makes sure that Jamie keeps his feet on the ground and actually does some of the boring bits of the job i.e. the bits that don't involve taking pictures and talking to customers.

The dogs, Kira & Enya, provide the light relief and the exercise.

Our Equipment

At DigitalPicy we use a completely digital workflow to produce our pictures. We believe this approach gives us the ability to offer our customers the highest quality of work at very competitive prices.

Pictures are taken using professional, digital SLR cameras and the images are transferred, in the field, to laptops for initial assessment and processing. This gives us the ability to review our work with clients immediately. Once a shoot is complete, we transfer the images to high-end workstations with colour-profiled monitors to carry out any corrections or enhancements using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

The final step of the journey from image to print is done by transferring the images to our partner lab, Loxley Colour for printing. What all this techno-babble means is that you get the highest possible quality prints.

This end-to-end control of the photographic process, from the initial press of the shutter to the final emergence of the print, allows us to ensure that what we saw in the viewfinder is what you see on the print.
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